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Online Portal for ALL the Flows and Meditations

Membership to our private Facebook Community where we post live flows so we can keep our sense of community. We create classes and meditations every week. Some will be live on Facebook, others will be pre-recorded and go on the online portal.

An ever growing list of classes that you can pick and choose as you see fit on an online education portal. You can even access it via an app on your phone!


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Please note that your investment in the online studio is NOT transferable to studio in-class sessions

What Kinds of Classes Do We Have?

Vinyasa, Elevate, Kundalini, Restorative, Beginner Slow Flow, Meditation and Gentle Flows

Vinyasa Flow

In this Vinyasa Flow class you will synchronize breath with movement. Students will focus on linking conscious breath with a mindful flow. In a Vinyasa class, students awaken their strength, energy, and flexibility in a fun atmosphere.

Elevate with Carol
(A special blend of kundalini and vinyasa )

Experience a mix of kundalini and Vinyasa, powerful breath work, yoga flow and new movement practices to free your mind, release your body and liberate your soul. It's a deep letting go of all thought and a surrender into the depths of your being designed to inspire, lift and change you from the inside out. This class will help you to move through any stuck energy or blockages in your life, encouraging the development of confidence and inner strength.


In this class, we use mantras, meditation and gentle movements in addition to traditional restorative postures where you are well supported with lots of props. The purpose of this class is to give the central nervous system a chance to slow down, to bring ourselves out of fight or flight mode and into a state of relaxation and rest. The focus is on connecting to the breath and releasing long-held patterns of stress and tension in the body.


Relax and rejuvenate without breaking a sweat! You will be guided through simple, relaxing meditations with sound therapy to integrate a calm and peaceful break in your day to guide you deeper into your internal awareness.

Beginners Slow Flow

Yoga for Beginners Class provides a safe and welcoming environment for you to explore, experience and gain an understanding of meditation, various breathing exercises (pranayama) and various poses (Asanas). You will learn how to integrate your breath with movement while working through a breakdown of beginner level poses and modifications. Each class will build upon a knowledge base of fundamental yoga principles and what it means to practice yoga both on and off your mat. This class is for anyone who is new to yoga as well as a practicing yogi who just wants to get back to the basics.

Gentle Flow: (A slower more relaxed vinyasa practice)

This class is suitable for all levels. Find some space on your mat as you are guided through a gentle vinyasa flow that will help calm your nervous system. In this class you will be guided through movements that will open and stretch your muscles with conscious breath and careful alignment. We will begin with basic poses but allowing for more challenging poses based on your practice level. This class is slow, thoughtful and grounding and great for those who are new to yoga or would like a gentler experience. This is also a great class for those who have limitations or recovering from injuries.

Sacred Rituals To Cleanse and Protect

Life moves in cycles and there are rhythms and ebbs and flows for every season.

Learn different practices to help guide you effortlessly into the rhythmic flow of life.

Understand the practice of saging, clearing your energy, creating energy protection, how to release the past and create a brand new future.

The Inner Circle

Community Connection

A weekly connection circle where students and teachers can connect in a sacred online space. This allows us an opportunity to hold space and feel held by our Tribe.

Courses And Workshops

From the cycles of the moon to teacher trainings. 


Supplement your membership with these amazing offers created to deepen and strengthen the connection within.

Various Teacher Training options will be available as well!

Note:  Some Courses and Workshops cost extra, but online members will be notified of events first.

What Our Students Have To Say

My plan this year was to do yoga every damn day... I still get to do that. At this most challenging time, I still get to do yoga every damn day. My personal goal is still on track. I wake up every morning and I know I have something to look forward to. The Glow Academy teachers are genuinely dedicated and thoughtful in their practise, and their daily presentation of virtual vinyasa and of varied types of yoga and meditation which reveal good intent and incredible energy.

Jackie Madden

April 2020

I am so grateful for the online Glow Yoga Academy - it has been a safe harbour for me.  I love the variety of classes that I can take according to my schedule. Most importantly, I’ve been able to keep my asana practice consistent. I especially appreciate that the teachers are aligned around a particular theme (Eg the root and sacral chakras) which helped to keep me centred and calm when I needed it most. I’m finding that this feeling of wellbeing has stayed with me throughout each day, and I’m sleeping soundly each night. 

Marguerite O'Neal

April 2020

I have met great women from all ages and walks of life, all assembled in the program for the same purpose; to be able to teach people the benefits of Yoga. I am gaining a whole new appreciation for yoga; balancing my strengths and working on my vulnerabilities in ways that feel not just healthy, but also deeply satisfying. The Glow team is very unique. They are a community of like-minded people who truly care about your well-being. There’s something to be gained for everyone in Glow’s YTT program.

Illuminated Teacher Training Program 2017

I am loving practicing online with Private Glow Yoga Academy. I had been enjoying yoga through Glow Studios before it was no longer an option due to COVID-19. It was an easy decision as I loved the classes and teachers and thought it would be a great way to still be able to practice my yoga every day.
Live classes are available multiple times a day depending on your schedule and with wonderful talented teachers that switch up their practice making each one unique. If you happen to miss a live session with your favourite yogi you can always do it later that day or select a class from the ever expanding library. It is very easy to connect to the live classes using your Facebook account.
I love the variety that is offered here. On top of various types of yoga, including beginner and kundalini, the instructors are always offering modifications to make any class perfect for all levels of practice. Also offered is meditation and restorative classes by very talented teachers. I also enjoy Carol Baxter’s live talks that speak to our world today and how we are all coping. Yoga for me has been a blessing as I am so happy to be able to continue my practice with Glow on this new level.

Brenda Wielgos

April 2020

stay grounded. get connected

Join the Glow Yoga Online Academy!