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Vinyasa Yoga (*Level 1)

Vinyasa means to place in a special way. This class is created with the idea of placing your body, heart & soul in alignment. A yoga class for those newer to yoga or those wanting a basic flow class. This class introduces foundational yoga postures, teaches you how to breath and helps you feel more comfortable in the yoga practice. Although this class moves at a slower pace than the other Vinyasa Flow classes, expect to be challenged both mentally and physically.

This playful yet energizing class will aim to inspire and to bring you to a higher level of comfort and ease in beginner to advanced asanas. Don’t be afraid if you have injuries as suggested modifications will be provided to encourage you to listen to your body.

Expect to move with your breath and focus your attention; this well balanced flow class will get you out of your head and into your body and your breath; both variations and modifications offered for those newer to practice as well as for advanced practitioners. All levels are welcomed.

It is a great way to challenge your practice regardless of your level.

*Low Heat Class
Body Glow

Carefully crafted class infused with yoga and other movement modalities such as plyometrics, pilates and cardio. This class will move, connect and ignite your practice on a deeper level.

* Indoor running shoes required
* heated class
* advanced to intermediate
* pre-registration required

Recharge & Restore

In this class we use a combination of Vinyasa (or flow) class with some restorative poses thrown in! This class will allow you to get your body moving and then blissed out and relaxed!

Restorative Yoga

In this class we will use mantras, meditation and gentle movements in addition to traditional restorative postures where you will be well supported with lots of props. The purpose of this class is to give the Central Nervous System a chance to slow down, to bring ourselves out of fight or flight mode and into a state of relaxation and rest. Focus is on connecting to the breath and releasing long held patterns of stress and tension in the body.


Combining traditional Pilate exercises with Integrated Movement Therapies (IMT) this class will focus on developing lean muscles, core strength, balance and flexibility using purposeful movement. It will also help clients become aware of the relationship between breathing patterns and spinal alignment while engaging the deep muscles of the core.


Perfect class for beginners, for those who are uncertain, or have questions. For all of us who want to better understand how our body works in movement and flow.

This is an opportunity to experience a learning environment for yoga poses and integrated therapeutic exercises, to build posture muscles, healthy alignment and core stability.

This is the class where you can ask why. Come with your questions and learn modifications that make asana approachable for every one.

We will spend time deconstructing a pose, and practice safely, to protect the spine and joints. Enjoy new ways to approach Eastern traditional poses as we bring them into our Western world.

Monday Nights
Candace Morrison


Hatha yoga refers to a set of physical exercises (known as asanas or postures), and sequences of asanas, designed to align your skin, muscles, and bones. The postures are also designed to open the many channels of the body—especially the main channel, the spine—so that energy can flow freely.

Hatha is also translated as ha meaning “sun” and tha meaning “moon.” This refers to the balance of masculine aspects—active, hot, sun—and feminine aspects—receptive, cool, moon—within all of us. Hatha yoga is a path toward creating balance and uniting opposites. In our physical bodies we develop a balance of strength and flexibility. We also learn to balance our effort and surrender in each pose.

Hatha yoga is a powerful tool for self-transformation. It asks us to bring our attention to our breath, which helps us to still the fluctuations of the mind and be more present in the unfolding of each moment.

Beginner Yoga

Back to the basics. This beginner yoga series is recommended for those new to yoga who wish to establish a solid foundation in the practice. Everyone has the ability to start and flourish in yoga, regardless of age, level of flexibility and physical condition.

We will explore the foundations of yoga, including postures (asanas), breathing (pranayama) and meditation.

Each week we will explore a new dimension of the practice including:

• connect breath to movement
• proper body alignment
• body awareness
• explore mind body breath connection

During the process you can expect to improve your overall fitness level by gaining strength, increasing your flexibility and balance capability and improve your cardiovascular fitness.

If you are new, or would like to slow down your asana practice, join us!

Mom & Baby

Our classes are specific to new Moms; we target key areas to relieve tight areas within the body. We build up strength not just within the body but also in the mind. The mega bonus is that your baby joins you on this fun journey and you get to connect with other new Moms and babies! Join us in this 6 week program where you will deepen your bond with baby, meet like minded Moms to chat with and get back in tune with your body too!

Prenatal Yoga

Prenatal yoga is a fantastic tool to get your mind and body ready for birthing your new bundle of joy! Learn to control your breath in an efficient and calming way, get the physical body ready for birth by tapping into your inner warriors and working to open up the body and release the tension that comes from carrying a baby! Get together with like-minded people, support each other and perhaps make some new friends as well! This workshop will only be taught by prenatal certified yoga teachers, who have invested the time to learn more about what you're going through and are able to keep this practice safe for both you and the baby.

Note : Before starting this session we will need to ensure you have the approval of your doctor and/or midwife! Please check the schedule to see current session details!


Enjoy the benefits of the strength building yang yoga and allow your body to melt into more passively held stretches that typify yin yoga. Moving mindfully from one pose to the next you will feel the natural progression of the practice from beginning to end. Each class starts with a yin pose transforming your mind and body from a state of doing into just being followed by moving with increased focus and intention to more strength building poses and closing with deeply held stretches. You will gain strength, flexibility and develop keen self-awareness as you learn to use your breath to flow.

All levels welcome, Non-heated room


In yin yoga we target the connective tissues, such as ligaments and fascia, along with the energetic systems of the body, bringing the body into balance and increasing it's natural range of motion. Most poses are done while seated or lying down and are held in stillness for 3-5 minutes. This type of practice opens the body's meridian system, which enhances the body's energetic flow and supports emotional equilibrium. It emphasizes stillness and silence, while leaving you feeling refreshed, renewed and restored.

All levels welcome, Non-heated room

Power Vinyasa Flow
Inspired by the Baptiste power vinyasa sequence, these classes are designed to give everyone at all levels a physical challenge. Power yoga aims to deliver endurance, stamina and strength. Similar in some parts to Ashtanga yoga, the Power yoga sequence builds internal heat and is also considered a way of aiding in the detoxification of metabolic wastes and impurities. – Suitable for all levels. – 75 minute sessions.
Intermediate - Heated Room

Corporate Yoga
Empower your staff or coworkers by having yoga incorporated into the workplace. Yoga in the workplace can reduce stress, improve productivity, memory, and help overall job satisfaction. We are able to facilitate a class or workshop to suit your company's needs. Please contact us for more information.

Personal Yoga Training
Private yoga instruction has many benefits. We will focus on individual needs, with gentle hands on instruction. Learn proper alignment for your specific body type, address injuries or life changes (pregnancy or menopause for example) and deepen your understanding of yogic breathing, yoga philosophy and meditation techniques. Please contact us to discuss your personal needs.

Team Training
Looking for a yoga instructor to provide personal team training? Yoga is a true benefit in all sports and many people see an immediate difference after just a few weeks of yoga training including increased flexibility, balance, strength and range of motion. In addition, this training will lead to better focus amongst athletes and fewer injuries. We can set up a personal team session in our studio. Please contact us for more details.

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