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"My teacher training experience at Glow Yoga exceeded all of my expectations. It is much more than just becoming certified to teach yoga. It is a transformational experience that completely changed my life. Carol encourages you to really dig deep and take a look at who you are and what areas you can grow. I am a different person than I was the day I started my training. I’ve taken back a lot of confidence and happiness that I didn’t even realize I had lost. I had no idea the transformational journey I was about to embark on through this course. I can say without a doubt that it has made me more self-aware and in turn a better yoga instructor. I feel empowered and confident to get out there and start teaching! All of the instructors at Glow offer so much support and truly want to see their students succeed. There is a wonderful sense of community here and I feel very grateful to be a part of it. I would highly recommend the teacher training program at Glow to anyone. Whether you are looking to teach or just expand your yoga knowledge, you will grow as an individual and it will be an experience you will never forget. "

Whitney Skeates - Illuminated Teacher Graduate 2017
"After practicing yoga for over 5 years I realized that yoga wasn't just something that I did - but instead, had become the foundation of my life. I had watched someone else go through the Glow Yoga Teacher Training and saw the transformation that happened and I knew that I wanted that experience for myself.

What I wanted out of the Yoga Teacher Training was a greater understanding of the anatomy and philosophy behind each pose, but what I got was this and so much more. This program is about so much more than the physical practice. It is about the way each individual approaches their life through their thinking, their hesitations, their resistance and their thought patterns. It's about learning how to be present in your life and realizing that what shows up on your mat is a direct reflection of what is going on in your life.

When I started the training my yoga practice was feeling stalled and in many ways unfulfilled beyond a physical workout. It wasn't until I started to work through the training that I realized it was the spiritual piece that was missing. Glow's Yoga Teacher Training changed my practice from a physical one to an all encompassing one. Pretty incredible when you realize the power of your practice. This training has enlightened me to how I move through my life both physically and spiritually. It has left me feeling lighter, happier and more at peace with myself, which means I am better to those around me.....especially as a mom.

It has been the greatest experience of my life because it has inspired me to live it with more peace and happiness - beyond the idea of an inspirational quote. This training will push you to dig deep, do the work and come out on the other side of it with a lightless that you have been craving. This program changes lives. Yours, those in your life, and those who you will teach. If you are already reading up on the training there is something in you already craving. Your intuition or "gut feeling" is whispering to you. It's probably time to listen to it. I'm so glad that I did "

Susan Elstob - Illuminated Teacher Graduate 2017
"Taking the Illuminated Teacher Training at Glow was a dream come true. I’ve been practicing yoga for nearly 20 years, and new that I wanted to share the wonderful practice with others, so I’m so happy that I discovered Glow’s YTT program. The studio is located in the most idyllic, peaceful setting – you’re practicing amongst nature! The training itself was transformational in ways that I never expected, it opened me up to a lot and I learned so much more than I ever imagined. I am so grateful to Carol. My passion for yoga grew even more under her tutelage, and I gained beautiful new friendships with likeminded people."

Genevieve McAdam - Illuminated Teacher Graduate 2016
"My experience with my Yoga Teacher Training was far more rewarding then I had ever hoped. The moment I walked in the door I felt I was in the right place at the right time. Carol was a devoted & inspirational teacher who promoted self-development and self-awareness. Carol was the one to inspire me to open the door to my mind, my body, my heart and my spirit through our YTT. I have great respect and admiration for Carol and how she teaches her program with great skill, compassion and joyful energy. I would recommend it to anyone who is interested in furthering their yoga knowledge on a deeper level and or wants to discover themselves in a new balanced state of mind, body and spirt."

Ruth Russell - Illuminated Teacher Graduate 2015
"There are many places to take Yoga Teacher Training, but none is more special than taking the course with Carol at Glow.

Over the course of seven months I have shared a spiritual as well as physical journey with a wonderful group of students - all while learning the basic fundamentals of teaching yoga.

Glow yoga studio is unlike any other. Carol, you have created a warm, caring community surrounded by trees and nature. You make everyone who comes to the studio feel special - you truly care about their unique, individual journey. To share this personal journey with you, and the rest of the community at Glow, was an honour."

Diane Atkins - Illuminated Teacher Graduate 2015
"Taking yoga teacher training is something I've been putting off for a long time, I'm glad that I did! Carol is the teacher that you need to teach you how to teach yoga! She is inspirational and I feel so blessed to be a part of this wonderful and powerful group of teacher trainees! I can't even properly express how much I'm enjoying this I can just say that if you're considering doing this at all then do won't regret it!"

Kristy Tresise - Illuminated Teacher Graduate 2014
"I decided to join the yoga teacher training program to get certified to teach people the many benefits of yoga as well as to deepen my practice. It turned out to be so much more than that. It has taught me how to lead a healthier lifestyle both mentally and physically. I learned that it is more important than just learning how to teach someone a yoga pose, it's the philosophy and yogic lifestyle that sets the foundation of yoga as we know it today.

The program covers a multitude of topics such as asana, pranayama, anatomy, ayurveda, meditation, philosophy etc. We have great discussions in class and I have built strong, lasting relationships with my teachers and classmates. I endorse this training if you have any passion at all for yoga and/or want to be educated in the basics of yoga. And when the work begins and the layers start to unfold….bring an open mind and much willingness – you too will be rewarded."

Jill Harris
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