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(BCom) Honors, Business Diploma, RYT200, Yoga Instructor, Glow Yoga Studio Manager, Current: Nutrition Diploma, Herbal Medicine Diploma, Acupuncture Diploma

Cheryl worked in the corporate world post university as an Accountant/Auditor for many years while still practicing Yoga as well as in the field of nutrition and weight management before pursuing her Yoga career fully as was and is her passion in life. During her corporate career she felt she had lost her true identity; in who she really was as a person and through practicing Yoga she has found herself again!

Cheryl Hwang is a graduate of the 2015/2016 YTT program at Glow studio. A mother of two children with a strong passion for yoga for over a decade. Cheryl was previously overweight and has successfully lost in excess of 120 lbs. Today she is lean, healthy, and believes that through yoga and a well balanced nutritional lifestyle, anyone can achieve both their physical and mental goals. Cheryl is also currently completing her Nutrition diploma, Herbal Medicine diploma, and Acupuncture diploma which continues to diversify her even more along the path of health and healing!

She truly and daily dedicates herself in her passion towards Yoga as an everyday lifestyle which she believes is a way of life that manages her mind, stress, weight, and overall feels she is a more fulfilled purposeful person. Through Yoga, Cheryl has finally discovered her identity and true calling. Her desire is to share her love for yoga and all the benefits it provides to everyone!

Cheryl Is excited about sharing her experience, strength and joy with the YTT program at Glow. She is passionate about the study of some of the most profound spiritual teachings the “The Bhagavad Gita” and “The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali” that she will be reviewing the knowledge that lies within with the YTT students.

With the Holistic Nutrition background and experience that Cheryl has, she will also be running a “Nutrition Workshop” with the YTT Students that will include a “Cleanse/Detox” as well as topics such as: Some of the topics included in the workshop are:

• Nutrition as an Aid to Spiritual Life: Ancient and Modern Perspectives
• Conscious Eating: How to Bring More Awareness in to Your Diet
• Nutritional Foundations
• Nutrition and the Mind
• Veganism: Pros and Cons
• Vegetarianism
• Metabolism Typing
• Individualizing Your Nutritional Practice
• Meditations to Cultivate Awareness
• Practices to help Identify and Release Negative Emotions Related to Diet
• Group Sharing and Support

Cheryl has come to realize the vital importance of approaching nutrition in a conscious way –at all levels. Thus, bringing together notions like non-violence, detachment, awareness, and even devotion, in the act of feeding the body, mind and soul. She firmly believes we can go through a profound spiritual transformation once we start paying close attention to what we put into our bodies, how we put it, and the way this has an effect over all sentient beings.

The Elements and Art of Sequencing

With nearly 10 years of experience studying and teaching yoga, Adrienne has developed a personal style of teaching that is innovative and inspiring. She will share her knowledge and perspective to guide you through the elements and art of sequencing. This module will help you find your own unique voice to create balanced yoga classes that are accessible and meaningful for all students. As a new teacher you will have the tools to teach a well-sequenced class that is safe and thoughtfully arranged with a clear intention that meets the energy and needs of all students in your class. You will learn how to consider the anatomy of movement as well as the prana vayus to mindfully choose poses and build sequences that respect the mind-body-spirit connection.


David's passion is sharing his love for the practice of yoga with over 500 hours YTT, Restorative, Therapeutic and Meditation training under his belt. He asks you to meet yourself on the mat everyday. David's teaching style is fun, inclusive and accessible to every level. Whether you are a total beginner or a seasoned enthusiast you will walk away learning something about your practice which is bound to enrich your life.

Based in Toronto, but never shy to travel around the world to share his love for yoga with as many people as he can. David is a regular at the Toronto Yoga Conference and has been a long time Lululemon and Manduka Yoga ambassador.

David is offering his "Whats Next" inspiring work shop for our teacher training program.


Candace is a graduate from Sutherland-Chan School of Massage Therapy. She has experience working with patients with a variety of presentations including; spinal cord injury, stress, sports injuries, multiple sclerosis, and circulation issues. Her strength lies in providing treatments that support the return to pain-free movement, optimum health, as well as offering relaxation to help manage the stresses of the day.

Candace’s passion in assisting the body to heal will ensure that her treatments will offer both a relaxation and clinical -based focus as she works on patient goals. Candace’s healing, soothing touch helps patients feel relaxed and reassured as they reach personal goals together. Her diverse skill-set includes relaxation focus massage, rehabilitation and recovery, as well as a maintenance approach, depending on patient goals. She is also trained in Indian Head Massage.

When Candace is not in her treatment room, you will find her discussing big ideas, rambling thoughts, her new favourite wine, or perhaps on a yoga mat, teaching yoga anatomy; nerding out with the nervous system because it is the best show in town.


Tara has been a teacher at Glow for 5 years. She enjoys the many flavours and facets of yoga but has been drawn lately to the deep mental, emotional and spiritual release of restorative yoga. She is equally fascinated guiding Moms-to-be into their remarkable journey into Mommy-hood and is continously amazed at how wonderful the prenatal journey can be!

The prenatal portion of your teacher training program will include learning safety guidelines to allow you to safely include a healthy pregnant student into your regular class. We will learn some of the key changes for baby and mother for each trimester, warnings and guidelines of what your student should and should not do, as well as discussions on modifications to our regular postures like downward dog.

For the restorative portion of your training we will explore standard restorative postures with modifications and key areas to look for to ensure your student is comfortable and supported at all times. We will explore the benefits that come with restorative yoga along with any potential issues that may arise as well.


Yoga has changed my life. When I started coming to my mat, I thought of yoga purely as a sport and a physical workout. I was always trying to master my poses by stretching myself beyond my limit. By letting go of my ego, practicing mediation and always coming to my mat regularly, I soon realized that it wasn’t a sport or a physical workout; it was much deeper than that for me. It was a beautiful life philosophy, a way of living that was quite quickly opening my heart to more compassion, authenticity and a deeper connection to myself. Yoga has helped me move past my fears and the resistance I had to uncover the beauty of my true self. Of course the physical benefits are countless, including strength and flexibility, however it has taught me to calm my mind, allowing me to focus on what truly is important in my life, how to be more compassionate and caring to myself and to the world around me. Yoga is my way of life.

Teaching yoga stokes an inner fire in me that is continuously growing. It’s not about the money, the power or the fame. It’s not about getting rich or owning a business, it’s about my students, young or old. It’s about creating a community of like-minded students and friends. To be able to teach yoga and guide individuals on the yogic path makes being a yoga teacher one of the noblest professions there is. I seek to inspire and help my students to realize the limitless potential that already resides in them.

Believing and trusting in the true potential of this practice brings me a sense of ease and peace knowing that I am exactly where I should be, doing exactly what I am doing, teaching yoga and following my dharma.

I am so pleased to be offering a deep extensive Yin Yoga Basics workshop to the Illuminated Teacher Program at Glow. Yin is a highly beneficial therapeutic practice that is available to all students at all levels. The power in this form of yoga is that it profoundly affects both the physical and energetic aspects of the self. It is the logical balance to a yang style of practice (i.e.: vinyasa yoga), and it has the added bonus of contributing to the mindfulness necessary for a successful meditation practice. You will learn how to integrate Yin postures into your yoga classes from this workshop.

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